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Welcome to PoliDex

This political tool PoliDex is intended to be a repository for Minnesota political contacts from members of the state legislature and staff to political media contacts. You can save the website to your phone and it will act just like an app. PoliDex has numerous contacts you will not find anywhere else on the web. We have the email addresses for Minnesota State Senate staff, many cell phone numbers of legislators, and we provide the social media for elected officials so that you will know what is top of mind with them.

Once you register you will have control of your own profile and we encourage you to think of this as your own place on the web. As a Registered User, you will have limited access to our comprehensive database, and as a Paid Subscriber (Annual General Subscription $99.99, Annual Premium Subscription $199.99) you will find we have incorporated data from the different areas of the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, the Legislative Reference Library, and legislative websites. The Premium Subscription will allow you to turn on/off advertising once it is in place.

Think of PoliDex as a central collection point and we are just getting started. Anyone can register for free and soon we will incorporate all 50 states, so if you have responsibility for more than one we will be able to assist there as well. Once available if you buy 4 states we will give you the 5th state for free.

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